Medical Disaster Training

Recent large-scale natural and man-made disasters have forced health care professionals to face the possibility of having to manage large numbers of victims quickly and without warning. Small and mid-sized training exercises have shown that ongoing preparation and training can help to mitigate the confusion and fear that surround the management of medical disasters.

Medical Disaster TrainingCMEDDS can provide the health care team with the clinical and operational training necessary to be prepared to perform in an austere clinical environment, yet provide the most effective level of care while protecting the health of the team members themselves. Experienced medical disaster specialists work closely with the client to identify environmental and resource parameters, then develop a customized training that best addresses the client's needs.

The training provided by CMEDDS utilizes an "all hazards" approach to medical disaster management, whether natural or intentional. The goal is to prepare the health care provider with the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to meet the acute care needs of the victims of a large-scale disaster. Topics may include:

Training programs utilize a combination of discussion and presentation, as well as case studies and critical thinking exercises to promote problem-solving methodologies needed to resolve these high stress situations.